You are currently viewing Tips for Writing a Persuasive Argument in Assignments

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Argument in Assignments

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Argument in Assignments

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Argument in Assignments


Art of Persuasive Writing: Tips for Writing a Persuasive Argument in Assignments

In today’s world, where everything is digital, and the people here and there are only taking information from visual sources like videos, presentations, and social media posts, it is an extraordinary skill if you can persuade or attract your readers to read your blog, article, research paper or even an essay. 

What is Persuasive Writing?

Writing persuasively is an attempt to persuade or attract the readers to accept a certain point of view with genuine proof or evidence, facts related to the topic of interest, and by giving proper logic and examples and also opinions from the experts. 

Know whom to persuade:

In the beginning, before starting the writing, one has to understand who their audiences are and whom they have to target. It is always important to understand the reader’s thoughts, interests, and experiences. The writer has to respect the reader’s perspective, have to understand and answer their questions accordingly, and lastly and most importantly, not ever forget to address the readers proactively throughout the whole writing, it will definitely help the writer to build a strong connection with the readers and will make the reader stay engaged with the writing till the end. 

Make the thesis statement specific and obvious:

After inviting the readers by attracting them, now it is time to entertain them. There comes the thesis part, which can be treated as the backbone of the entire writing. It is up to the writer now, how they will provide the main point of the writing topic in this part because depending on this part only the reader will decide to read or leave the writing. 

Do not forget to provide the shreds of evidence:

It is always important in academic writing to provide evidence that the writer has taken the information from genuine sources and there is nothing in the writing that is made from the imaginations of the writer. The writers should always try to use various historical evidence, stats, and scholarly findings in their writings. 

The structure has to be effective:

A well-structured writing is always persuasive according to the readers. Writers should always try to write their essays, articles, research papers, and blogs in a good manner and in a structured way so that the readers can find it persuasive and can have their needed information easily. Readers always found the articles persuasive when they found the points of the articles had been described with proper headings and subheadings and every point of the research topic has been covered paragraphs-wise.

The conclusion is important:

The writers should have to keep in mind that they have to add a conclusion whenever they complete writing an essay or article. Because the readers also want to find what has been covered in the entire writing to have a clear understanding of the topic. A persuasive statement can be helpful for the writers to make their readers engaging and also the writers can provide valuable objectives for the readers so that the readers can feel that they have just finished reading something important and valuable. 

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