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Job opportunities for international students in Malaysia

Job opportunities for international students in Malaysia

International students are studying in various countries, and Malaysia is one. They have a certain objective behind gathering international degrees: secured placements. This article is going to discuss job opportunities for international students in Malaysia. Besides that, it also elaborates on the laws and regulations of Malaysia that play a crucial role in getting a job in Malaysia.

Job opportunities for international students in Malaysia

Malaysia Job For Students

Malaysian universities are considered the best universities that provide international degrees at a very low cost compared to other foreign universities. Therefore, international students are also widely attracted by Malaysian universities. Nevertheless, the most important part is the job opportunities available there for international students. It is often considered that the Malaysian market is competitive in finding a job.


Malaysian universities impart their knowledge to almost 130,000 international students from more than 130 countries. These immense proportions of international students are from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Middle East countries. The Malaysian Education Blueprint says that the Malaysian government has set an objective to grab the attention of more than 200,000 international students by the end of 2025. On the other hand, Malaysia has an enormous industrial field that would enhance the job opportunities for these international students in Malaysia. These thriving hubs are, namely, the automobile industry, oil, natural gas, and energy industry, and along with this, the most demanding sector is the finance and manufacturing industry, where international students can establish themselves with a bright future career.

On the contrary, the Malaysian government has enacted a few rigid policies for international students to find jobs in Malaysia. After the completion of study in Malaysia, an international student can get hired only when the employer can exhibit considerable reasons to the Malaysian government regarding the competitiveness of the international student being higher than a Malaysian student. Notably, the dependents of international students are not going to be allowed by any means to get a job in Malaysia. In addition to this, international students are not allowed to find a job after the completion of their graduation from Malaysian universities. Moreover, the employer can acquire an Employment Pass for the particular international student, valid for up to five years, depending on the employment type. But, to enhance the chances of securing a job in Malaysia, an international student can pursue an internship in a particular field to gain experience. The currently studying students can continue a part-time job for 20 hours per week. Also, the Malaysian government rules prohibit international students from acquiring positions like cashier, guest relation officer, singer, or any job designation considered immoral. Even following any job without taking prior approval from the Immigration Department may cancel the Malaysian student visa.


Upon perusal of the above discussion it can be concluded that although Malaysia has several emerging fields to grow in the near future, nevertheless, international students can not acquire any occupation immediately after the completion of their graduation. Because the Malaysian government has imposed a few rigid rules that prohibit international students from following any profession before taking approval from the government.

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