You are currently viewing Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia for International Students’ Salary

Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia for International Students’ Salary

Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia for International Students' Salary

Students who study all along their university courses concede the possibility to handle better time-management abilities than their correspondents. They need money so that they can continue their livelihood or can pay their institution fees. It helps to gain employment opportunities for future commencement. The people of Malaysia often do part-time jobs to earn extra pocket money. Many of them are eager to maintain their finances and want to get exposure to the labour market. Part-time jobs help to gain a new set of hard and soft skills.

In Malaysia, an individual can go for the following part-time jobs, and the approximate salary has also been mentioned:

  • Home Tutoring

Hume tutoring is getting popular as a part-time job in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the academic hurdles are becoming more, and students are seeking tutors who will teach them with care. The decreasing trust of the parents in the public education system makes home tutoring one of the best choices as a part-time job. The job is convenient for the students who can do their job according to their own time, maintaining their studies.

Salary: In Malaysia, a home tutor can earn up to 480 Malaysian ringgit (RM) per month by only teaching a student from a primary school.

  • Waiter/Waitress

Part-time jobs like working as a waiter or waitress in restaurants are also popular in Malaysia. Serving food and drinks and other services like cleaning or booking seats are the tasks of a waiter. Some restaurants are very serious about customer experience, and one can acquire enough industry knowledge.

  • Salary: In Malaysia, a waiter or waitress can earn 6 Malaysian ringgit per hour.


  • Assistant in retail stores

Some of the retail stores of Malaysia offer facilities such as short shifts, flexible schedules to the students and discounts while working in their stores. The tasks of a retail store assistant include packing groceries, packing shelves, logistics, cleaning the store, operating the cash payment department and so on. May retail stores offer incentives as commissions to part-time workers in order o drive sales. However, the job is tiring and requires long hours.

  • Salary: In Malaysia, an individual can earn 7-10 Malaysian ringgit per hour
Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia for International Students Salary


  • Event Management

Event management is a part-time job in Malaysia that requires minimal skill, but it delivers fruitful reward who wants to work for a short period. The task needed for this job is managing concert or product launching events. These events require manpower, logistics, supervision, security, and welcoming guests. This job provides a good amount of hourly wages.

Salary: In Malaysia, an individual can earn 20 Malaysian ringgit per hour.

  • Freelancing

Freelancing is now the most popular part-time job of recent times. If a person is good at writing, graphic designing or content creation, he or she can freelance for organizations seeking creative tasks. Some of the highest-paid freelancing professions include marketing, tech support, customer support, and content writing. One may start with a minimal charge and increase their pay afterward.

Salary: In Malaysia, an individual can earn 25 to 50 Malaysian ringgit per hour

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