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Examples of Academic Writing

Example of Academic Writing

Academic content writing is very common for students. Every student has to write academic content at least once in their life. There are many types of academic content writing like essays, research proposals, theses and dissertations, research papers, literature reviews, lab reposts, abstracts and annotated bibliographies. Different academic content writing focuses on different things, like journal articles focusing on the correctness of the information and whether the thesis statement emphasizes the overall argument of the research project. Now we can see some examples of academic content writing below:

Example of Academic Writing - Example 1: Research Proposal

The research proposal is submitted by the students in the colleges before they conduct their research. This research paper should mention the topic, like the purpose of this research and the objective to conduct this research and also it should have some questions that will be answered in future research. The research proposal paper should convince the professor that the research has a potential benefit. In other words, the research proposal can be considered as an application to the professors to support the research project. An excellent research proposal can increase the professor’s interest in supporting the research project.

Example of Academic Writing

Structure of a research proposal:

  1. A cover letter that will address the person to whom the student is appealing and also the summary of the proposal and the reasons why the professor should approve the proposal.
  2. Abstract or Introduction
  3. Rationale, significance and limitation of the project
  4. Methodology
  5. Conclusion

Example of Academic Writing - Example 2: Dissertation

A dissertation is a typical academic content writing which should have ten thousand to twenty thousand words. The dissertation should reflect the knowledge and skills of a person in a scholarly standard. It should answer some questions definitely in an elaborative way. This academic content writing is mainly based on the experiments and the literature review. The main aim of a dissertation is to present it in a very accurate way, whether the results of the findings are wrong.

Structure of a Dissertation:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction that should mention the background of the research study
  3. Literature review
  4. Methodology
  5. Data analysis and Findings
  6. Conclusion and recommendation

Example of Academic Writing Example 3: Abstracts

Abstract academic content writing summarizes the research paper or dissertation. This is the shortest as well as the easiest academic content writing. It naturally has only 150 to 300 words. But the word count of the abstract writing is totally dependent upon the writing style that has been chosen. There are so many formats a person can write abstract, but the easiest structure that can be followed is:

Structure of an Abstract:

  1. Introduction
  2. Method
  3. Findings
  4. Conclusion

The abstract should be placed at the first of a research paper, but the interesting thing is the abstract should be written after the research paper is completed because it is not a part of the research paper. It is the reflection of a research paper. In Other words, it is a summary of everything written in the research paper in just one paragraph.

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