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The Importance of Ethical Considerations in Conducting Assignment Research

Ethical Considerations in Conducting Assignment Research

Ethical Considerations in Conducting Assignment Research


Why is ethical consideration important for conducting a study?

Ethical consideration is an important part of any research paper or study. Because it is the part where there are clear mentions of the dignity, rights, and welfare of the respondents of the research. It is always important for the ethics committee to make sure that in the research the appropriate ethical standards have been followed by the researchers.  

For the sake of research integrity: 

In any type of academic writing such as academic essays, articles, and as well as research papers it is important to follow the regulations of academic integrity. In the ethical consideration, the researchers need to consider that they have followed genuine practices while completing the research and that academic crimes such as self-plagiarism, and copying someone else’s writings have not taken place in their study. That means in the ethical consideration the researchers provide their commitment that the resources they have used in conducting the study have been cited properly in an academic manner. 


Respecting human rights:

Whenever there is a presence of other participants in research, then ethical consideration becomes more and more crucial to include in a research paper. That is because in the case of primary and secondary research, a source for data collection is needed, and the data used to be collected from various surveys. While conducting those surveys the participation of people related to the research topic is mandatory. There comes the part of ethical consideration, in the ethical consideration, the researchers have to consider that the anonymity of the persons participating has been maintained properly. Researchers have to consider that the persons have been provided with the information related to the research, they have been informed about the negative and positive outcomes of the research and the persons’ decisions have been considered as the final, the researchers do not have created any negative consequences for the persons participating in the survey for the research. 


Not to harm any individual: 

The researcher must have to consider the ethical consideration that no one from the participants has been physically, psychologically, or emotionally harmed by the researchers at the time of conducting the survey and no bias has been created that has been hidden by any authorities of the research group. Additionally, the researchers have to consider that the outcomes of the research will not harm the emotions of any individual participants. And they have to consider that while conducting the research accuracy and fairness has been treated as the most important priority.


Animal welfare is important: 

In some cases, the researchers have to do scientific assignments which require the participation of various animals in it. In that type of research, it is important for the researchers to consider that no animals have been harmed due to the research and in some less important cases the alternatives have been used. The researchers have to consider that the research related to the animals has been conducted by maintaining the protocols and all the guidelines of animal safety. 

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