You are currently viewing fully funded scholarship in Malaysia 2023

fully funded scholarship in Malaysia 2023

Fully funded scholarship in Malaysia 2023

For the year 2023, the Malaysian Government Scholarship is fully-funded. Students coming from all over the world to Malaysia to complete their studies and achieve a foreign degree can also apply for this scholarship. MTCP, or Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program, is the name of the scholarship that will apply to international students. The MIS, or Malaysian International Scholarship in Malaysia, has been designed by the MTCP or Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program, especially for talented students. The purpose of these types of scholarships offered to international students is to increase the retention of the students and human capital in the country.  

Fully funded scholarship in Malaysia 2023

MTCP scholarship 2023

Not only the government of Malaysia but also multiple universities are there that are offering scholarship programs for brilliant international students. Malaysia is a country where the students’ learning fees are cheaper than other foreign countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia. Also, the educational structure of the country is suitable for the students. That is why this country attracts many students to take a foreign degree. There is almost more than 1.2 lakh students are currently studying in Malaysia. All of these students come from over 130 countries all over the world. Even though there are more than 10 overseas branch campuses in this country. China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, and India are the top seven countries from where international students are coming the most in this country to study. Almost 28.59 thousand international students from China are pursuing their higher education degrees from several universities in this country. To help the students in their studies and attract brilliant students, this country has to increase the educational system of; country the higher education ministry of Malaysia has announced the scholarships named Malaysian International Scholarships or the MIS.         

mtcp scholarship 2023

The government of this country has announced the latest scholarship programs for international students in 2023 for international students who belong to the ASEAN countries. The Malaysian government offers scholarships in the form of scholarships and loans to students. Students from all over the world can apply online for these scholarships. No IELTS or TOEFL is required to apply for these scholarship programs, which is the best part of these scholarships. These international scholarships are available for students whose age is not exceeding 45 years, and the period of these scholarships is from 12 months to 24 months. The scholarship programs offer a vast scope for international students in their academic fields for full-time Masters’s Degree programs.      

Malaysia government scholarship

government scholarship in malaysia 20233

From the last few days of the announcement, more than 34500 applications from 144 developing nations have been applied. The application fee for this program is zero, and the students will be benefited from the scholarships as all kinds of expenses of these students will be covered through these. Economics and banking, Public policy and Governance, Social Science, Business Management, Science and technology, etc., are the fields for which the students can apply for their scholarship applications before 16th July 2023.   

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