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10 examples of academic writing

10 examples of academic writing

Academic writing with a formal style in its content is used in higher studies such as universities and research fields. Different types of academic writing are below

10 examples of academic writing

what are example of academic writing

Essay: The very first example of academic writing is this type of writing. Here the known facts are expressed in paragraphs. This does not need very much prior research or any experiment. This might be the only expression of thoughts without going through any discovery, and hence, there is no requirement for any kind of authorship.

Report: Another example of academic writing is report writing. It basically gives the findings of an experiment or the observations during field visits in short notes. It portrays the phases of the investigation. 

Research Paper: Research paper writing is an example of academic writing. It is mainly done by students of research works where they get to pen down the details. For example, the results, the methodologies, and the thoughts they have worked on in the form of a paper which gets published in a renowned journal with a certain impact factor. This paper also consists of a number of references and citations. 

Research proposal: Research proposals are one kind of instance of academic writing where the one who wants to perform a certain experiment under a certain guide writes it to him or her. The content consists of two or three paragraphs where the first paragraph generally consists of his or her vision and the second one actually provides the idea of the experiment he or she is willing to perform, and the third paragraph contains the reasons why he or she chooses to work under the guide.

Thesis: It is actually one instance of academic writing and the compilation of all the research papers of a scholar in his or her whole research career. It presents the main motive of all the experiments the scholar has performed in his or her lab days. 

Dissertation: The dissertation is another example of academic writing. Here generally, a post-graduation student writes down his or her experiment or research paper with the help of other papers.

Lab report: lab reports are another sample of academic writing. It is of a certain type where there are limited descriptions, and only keywords are present that represent the idea of the pathological or experimental report.    

Literature Review:  The literature review is considered one of the major specimens of academic writing. It is somehow similar to the research paper as it also consists of citations and references and needs to be published in a journal with a certain effect factor. The only difference here is it does not comprise any own experiment of the author; instead, the author actually do reviews the researched paper or another author or own review paper and presents a paper out on that.

Annotated bibliography: This sample of academic writing provides a summary of each source with annotations, and those notations help in evaluating the sources individually. 

Case studies: Another specimen of academic writing where a certain pattern of incidents is being studied, and their details are noted down as definite case studies with some case numbers in them.

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