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SUSS Scholarship

SUSS Scholarship - Singapore University of Social Science

Social Science can develop the infrastructure of global citizens by identifying the aspects of every livelihood which is advantageous for good development. Social sciences scholarship is referred to for influencing their technologies in digitalization which is beneficial for determining human capital development. Singapore University decides to launch scholarships in Social Studies through which every business organization can include new business opportunities for seizing their new mentorships. Through conducting the scholarship, they can promote the workshops for enhancing the age-friendly societies located in Singapore. The population of Singapore seems to exist because of the aging people who are determined to tackle such challenges regarding their medical objectives, habitual conditions, daily requirements, etc.

The Social Science Scholarship is beneficial because they can find out several educators who can change those aspects for the stabilization of the personal and social objectives among the whole population. The subject of social Science’ is crucial for gaining knowledge about the social perspective which can change the behavioral nature of every human being. By applying for the scholarship, many students become interested in choosing these studies which are relevant to their economical aspects as well as the development of Singapore. This subject can provide the knowledge through which people can prevent such social issues based on sexual abuse, cultural differentiations, religious beliefs, criminal acts, transgender, physical disabilities, etc. People become interested in various social activities through which they can conduct social awareness camps. Social science can seed the infrastructure of proper global stabilization which can suggest the right ways as well as the objectives for influencing their growth. Singapore University of Social Sciences Scholarship (SUSS) provides several research graduate programs for all International Students which have to be accepted based on their identities. The global students who are interested to be involved in the scholarship program must provide with valid passports along with a student visa. Some courses are provided below which are offered in this scholarship:

SUSS Scholarship

Figure: Scholarships & awards, Singapore University of Social Sciences  Source: (, 2023)

Singapore University of Social Science offered courses in this scholarship:

Masters programs by research: Through involvement in this scholarship program, International Students can complete their Masters in Applied Research Social studies from the School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences in Singapore.

Doctoral degrees program: Students can pursue various Doctorate programs concerning the scholarships like Doctor of Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy in Gerontology. These courses are offered in various Schools of Business, the Office of Graduate Studies, and the S R Nathan School of Human Development(From SUSS SWK290 BPM203 SCO104).

Graduation diploma course: Students are also provided opportunities for completing the diploma courses in Management from various Schools of Business located in Singapore.

Masters through involving the coursework program: Several Master’s courses are offered based on many subjects like Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Digital Marketing, Finance, Innovation Management, Social sciences, etc. These courses are found in various Schools of Business, Humanities and Behavioural Sciences, Science and Technologies, and Offices of Graduate Studies which are situated in Singapore. All global students must need a legal Student pass which has to be issued by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

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