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International students in Malaysia by country​

International students in Malaysia by country

We all know that Malaysia is a spectacular tourist destination for tourists across the globe. But at the present time, Malaysia is offering a high level of education for all international students. When a student chooses to study in Malaysia, then they choose to study in a multicultural country of southeast Asia with a vibrant environment which creates a great experience studying in Malaysia. Malaysia has a highly structured education system that has a lot of institutions that provide a higher level of education in engineering, aviation, nursing and marketing studies. Another attractive and profitable matter in studying in Malaysia is that the Government of Malaysia offers jobs to scholar students who have special skills to retain them in Malaysia. 

At present time, Malaysia is one of the most popular study destinations among international students. The main reason behind that is the quality of their offered courses and of course the cost-friendly courses that the students can not afford in other countries like the UK or the USA. The students who have a budget medium budget to study abroad according to Malaysian Currency; if a student has a budget between RYM 7,000 to RYM 15,000 per year, then they can study in Malaysia easily for a foreign degree with good quality education.

There are 162 countries from where international students come to Malaysia to study. There are 170,000 international students who study and stay in Malaysia. Among that huge number, 10,000 students are from Indonesia. Malaysia is hoping to get 225,000 students in the year 2025. According to the survey in 2021, most of the international students who came to study in Malaysia came from China.

international students in Malaysia by country

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